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Zara Pfeifer (b. 1984) is an artist based in Vienna and Berlin whose work is concerned with the social phenomena of large-scale infrastructure. Her documentation of the modernist housing project Alterlaa („Du, meine konkrete Utopie“, 2013–17) and her series on truck drivers („Good Street!“, 2018–2022) involves extended periods of immersion in the day-to-day life of her subjects. She has worked with institutions, including the MAK Center in Los Angeles and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Berlin. Her publications include Monocle, ZEITmagazin, and Monopol, and she has received a studio grant at ISCP New York from the Austrian Federal Government. Her book ICC Berlin was published in 2022 by Jovis Verlag. Pfeifer studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and photography at the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography in Vienna. She holds lecturing positions at the Technical University Vienna and the Technical University Berlin.

MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Never at Home Foto Wien, Projektraum Ludwig Engel, Galerie Kernweine Stuttgart, Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, ENTKUNSTUNG Berlin, Galerie Georg Kargl Wien, Krinzinger Projekte Wien, Fotogalerie Wien, Fotohof Salzburg, BDA Hamburg, HCU Hamburg, Bremen School of Architecture, TU Munich, Crush Curatorial New York, ARCH+ Schaufenster Berlin, AzW Architekturzentrum Wien, CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival, One Architecture Week in Bulgaria, Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale in Albania, CP Projects Gallery in New York.

The Royal Danish Academy, Leibniz University Hannover, HCU Hamburg, Roundabout Berlin, Bremen School of Architecture, TU Munich, TU Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, FvF–Friends Space Berlin, CAMP Prague, CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival and One Architecture Week in Bulgaria.


Teaching assignments, collaborations and guest critics at various architecture and art schools throughout Europe. Since 2017 Zara Pfeifer gives guided tours in Alterlaa for the AzW – Center for Architecture Vienna.

Since 2019 Zara Pfeifer holds lecturing positions at both the Technical University Vienna (Wohnbau Institut, Prof. Obrist) and the Technical University Berlin (Fachgebiet Prof. Hehl), where she teaches a course about Photography in Architecture.

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